Game developing on Unreal Engine 4

Game Developer Intern: responsible for the game assets creation pipeline

From the pencil to the videogame...

Content creation is a very difficult task, when drawing a simple sketch with a pencil we set up the guide lines of our actual videogame asset.

I started from a photo, then tried to copy the object I wanted to model on paper, in order to understand better its shape and details.

Once we sketched the asset, we now need to start modeling. For the assets of our videogame we used Autodesk3Ds Max for modeling.

Here we see our stair railing in 3Ds Max, it looks like the original one, but only for the shape.

We need to make it look convincing, so we need to add colors.

This process is called texturing and involves sample images, generally photos, to create the textures, and an high-end image processor to elaborate the images in order to make them ready to be applied to our models.

Now our asset is ready to be imported in the actual game scene.

So now we can elaborate our scene and add as many assets we want.