Evaluation of interaction models in volume visualization

My Erasmus experience in Barcelona, was characterized by the research study made at UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya).
I had the opportunity to conduct a user experience study in 3 different languages Italian, Spanish and English interacting with the professors and students.


The overall objective of this project was to evaluate the use of an immersive virtual reality system such as HTC Vive for the visualization, and the Myo Arm armband for interaction, of volumetric models in medical applications.
Based on a ray casting visualizer made in the game engine Unity 3D, the user has to interact with the armband and evaluates the experience.
The work focuses on how the interaction metaphors were designed, implemented and evaluated. Once the evaluation is done, they are compared with existing ones to determine whether or not the use of the armband could bring advantages to the interaction experience.
The study will be conducted in a laboratory through user tests and post-test questionnaires, then the raw data will be analysed and compared.

Here you can read the whole paper